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Silent Art Auction & Karaoke

Saturday December 18th - Doors 8:30pm
Place: Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 805 E. Pender (and Hawk Ave.)

Contributers include Robert Arndt + Kim Kennedy Austin + Fiona Bowie + Tyler Brett + Colleen Brown + Instant Coffee + Miguel da Conceicao + Shayne Ehman + Geoffrey Farmer + Angus Ferguson + Angela Grossman + Renee Van Halm + Arni Haraldsson + Colleen Heslin + Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens + Natasha McHardy + Marina Roy + Mohamed Somani + Jeremy Todd + Gu Xiong + David Yonge + Elizabeth Zvonar

Karaoke Concert performed by artists and audience & music performance by Dandi Wind

Plus draw prizes and other surprises
Tickets: $10 (available in advance @ Helen + Pitt Gallery or at the door) Please present ticket at the door (admits one)

Support Artist Run Culture in Vancouver!

All proceeds will be donated to the Helen Pitt Gallery for operational assistance. Please contact the Gallery if you have any questions concerning this fundraising event.



Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling
Heart of Darkness

Tuesday, November. 30 - Saturday, December. 4, 2004, 12-5pm.

Heart of Darkness has two components: a work inspired by the novel of the same name (1901), and a context-specific installation of it at the Helen Pitt Gallery ARC. This project addresses how systems of reception and reading are structured and function in relation to artworks.

Heart of Darkness mimics the conventional form of a paperback novel. Joseph Conrad's text is reproduced in reverse order, beginning at the end and ending at the beginning. When viewers interact with the book physically, the ink of the characters is blurred and rubbed off by their touch.

The work is situated within two distinct contexts at the gallery. First, it is placed on a traditional plinth in the front gallery, along with a three part video installation featuring documentation of a performance in which the book is read. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the artwork. Second, it is placed within a bookstore in the back gallery. The work is sealed in plastic, limiting any potential interaction with it.

Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling are currently completing their undergraduate degrees in Visual Arts at Emily Carr Institute. Heart of Darkness is the third project in a series of books made in collaboration. Their collaboration comes out of a mutual interest in the reinvestigation of historical works of literature, in order to isolate significant contemporary themes.



-- Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling, 2004



Benefit and Concert Membership Drive

Friday, May 28, 2004, 7:30pm-1am
Place: WISE Hall, 1882 Adanac

Amazing donated performances with
the orgiastic return of ROCK'N
the intimidating intellectual sophistication of Liquor Mountain
the epic melt-down that is Super-Friend-Time
the awe-inspiring joviality of A.C. Slater
the breezy dementia of Collapsing Opposites
and the euphoric melancholy of Free Bryan Adams
PLUS the oh-so-sweet selections of DJ Mark Soo

along with the Helen Pitt Gallery ARC Membership Drive Booth and Info Kiosk
Cost: $12 at the Door, $8 w/ Student ID

Support Artist Run Culture in Vancouver!
All proceeds will be donated to the Helen Pitt Gallery for operational assistance. Please contact the Gallery if you have any questions concerning this fundraising event.



Artist Talks with Adam Harrison and American Type Culture Collection

Saturday, May 22, @ 2:00pm
Helen Pitt Gallery

Event: ZINE LAUNCH: The Janet. The "Fame & Shameless" issue
Time: Friday, April 23, @ 7:30pm
Place: Helen Pitt Gallery




Janet is a five month old, three-hundred and eight pound, 19 ½ foot tall, capricancer lodestone of burning sexuality, trite sarcasm, and hastily-acquired debt. She was drunkenly conceived at a tribute night to a local musician in the fall of 2003 and named after the perennial second-favourite on Three's Company. While Suzanne Somers went on to make millions through her exercise tapes and geriatric sex books, Janet, like her namesake, prefers to meditate over her cups and get in touch with her inner vistas, if you know what I mean. She made her debut only a few months later in the December launch for her "John Ritter Memorial Issue" at the Butchershop Floor. Given the success of this venture, she decided to plagiarize the first issue for her second instalment, titled "Plagiarized" and launched in conjunction with the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design student " Copyright" Exhibit at the Concourse Gallery in February of 2004. Her latest issue, entitled "Fame&Shameless," promises to be her most shocking and glamorous one yet, featuring such titillating offerings as "The Ugly American," "Undiscovered Poem by Emily Dickinson, America's Woman Genius," "The Janet Manifesto," and Puppetry of the Vagina's theatrical adaptation of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. Critics might call Janet a satirical response to celebrity culture, local scenesterism, the cultural politics of grrrrl power, and the climate of over-earnestness currently afflicting the arts, but critics are exactly the kind of wankers you'd expect to say something like that.

Janet's affairs are represented by her three agents, Amy Modahl, Camilla Pickard, and Christine Ferguson. Modahl and Pickard are English instructors at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design; Ferguson is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in English at the University of British Columbia. While they sometimes disapprove of their client's excesses, her agents are happy to get any work they can get right now, since this whole "literature teaching" gig isn't pulling in the big bucks they were told it would.

The Janet is available exclusively at the Charles H. Scott Gallery and Red Cat Records. Questions about Janet can be directed to: [email protected]



Alternative Economies Roundtable Discussion

Saturday, February 28, 2004. @ 2pm
Place: Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, rm.269, NB

Richard Andrews (PEDAL founder)
David Dorrington (Finn Slough Heritage and Wetland Society)
Caterina Fake (Games Never Ending)
Carly Haddon (IT Specialist, CUSO)
Lou Parsons (Open University Alumni -- Drugs & Globalization in Vancouver)
Graham Sheard (Spartacus Non-Profit Bookstore)
Elizabeth Zvonar (Artist)
Mediated by Clint Burnham (Writer & Teacher)

This public roundtable compliments the Helen Pitt Gallery Artist Run Centre exhibition Production, Consumption & Function: Exploring Alternative Economies, programmed in conjunction with nFest, a festival of International Artist Run Culture (see The roundtable will facilitate the investigation of "alternative economies" after the so-called end of ideological struggle (the collapse of the cold war) and the entrenchment of the global market. How can/do alternative systems of production, value and exchange function amidst the "totality of advanced capitalism"? Taking place at an educational institution (ECIAD), it will include an artist in the Helen Pitt Gallery exhibition (Elizabeth Zvonar) as a panelist along side representatives from various communities involved with the enactment of alternative economies (see the list of panelists above). Topics to be discussed will include the negotiation of cynical reason on the part of publics, the idea of sustainability and the how/what/where and whys involved with the breaching of market systems by alternatives systems. In this way, parallel and inter-connected issues involving alternative economies -- within and without the art context -- will be discussed and elaborated upon within a public forum.

This event has been developed and organized by the Helen Pitt Gallery ARC, Elizabeth Zvonar and Clint Burnham. It has been made possible due to the generosity of the Canada Council for the Arts, by way of an Inter-Arts Off the Radar grant awarded through the Artists and Community Collaboration Fund.



Helen Pitt Gallery - Benefit #3

Friday, January 9, 2004
Place: Wise Hall

To All of the People who were at the Helen Pitt Gallery Benefit Concert:
Thank You!
Your support is what made this event such a thrilling success (along with some wonderful performances and volunteer work)! The turn-out was phenomenal!
Thanks also to those who registered as members of the Gallery Society while at the event -- Welcome!
The Gallery is indebted to the musicians who provided the evening's entertainment. Thank you Chopper, They Shoot Horses Don't They? and The Neins. Thanks also to the Neins for the donated CDs that were used as draw prizes. Thanks to Pietro Sammarco for becoming Bryan Adams at the beginning of the evening.

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