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The First Ever Helen Pitt Gallery TV Party Fundraiser!

Time: Saturday, December 13th, @ 7:30pm
Place: Helen Pitt Gallery

t.v. party tonight. t.v. party tonight. t.v. party tonight. t.v. party tonight. we're gonna have a t.v. party tonight... alright. we're gonna have a t.v. party... alright... tonight. we've got nothing better to do, than watch t.v. and have a couple of brews. -- Black Flag, TV Party (1981)

Great TV. Gorgeous Company. Good Cause.

First TV Party Viewing Selection: 4 Hours of Lars Von Trier's TV Series "The Kingdom" (with breaks) Donate $25 or more and you can Curate a TV party at the Gallery!



Performances by Devon Gifford and Mark Gililand
The Comedians

Tuesday, Nov.4 @ 8pm - Wednesday, Nov.5 @ 8pm -
Place: Helen Pitt Gallery

In conjunction with LIVE Biennial of Performance Art ( the Helen Pitt held two special performances. For more information click here.



Helen Pitt Gallery - Benefit #2

Time: Saturday, August 30, 2003.

Explaining Colours to the Blind
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Basement Sweets
That Kelly Boy
Igor Santizo
SPOKEN WORD by Donato Mancini
ENCORE SPOKEN WORD by Mark Dahl and Conrad Sarzynick
Thank you for your continued interest and support. Once again, the event was successful because of your involvement.
I hope we will all be attempting another successful Helen Pitt Gallery Benefit soon. In the meantime, check back for more information about upcoming events at the Pitt.



Christian Kliegel, Mark Dudiak, Peter Conlin, Intermission Artists Society, Randy Lee Cutler, Alberto Guedea
Facilitating Experimentation

Time: Summer 2003
Place: Helen Pitt Gallery

The Helen Pitt Gallery is committed to realizing opportunities for experimentation and public dialogue involving contemporary art and community. During the summer 2003, the gallery remained active. We provided a public forum for a number of experimental projects during the summer -- extending our community outreach to assist the development of local practices. What follows in this pamphlet is a listing of these events. The statements about each project have been provided by those involved.

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