Artist Run Centre
Established 1975

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The Helen Pitt Gallery thanks all applicants for submissions to the Curatorial Residencies Program. A juried review process of all proposals is currently underway, and selected applicants will be contacted on an ongoing basis.

These six-week project-based residencies are intended to offer curatorial opportunities to a wide range of professional experience(s) and approaches. Ideas addressing social, political, cultural and critical issues outside of commercial and/or conventional art industry practices will be a priority, in keeping with the gallery's mandate. This new residency program aims to increase support to local and emerging practices by welcoming submissions from a diverse pool of candidates that may include: practicing artists, recent graduates of contemporary art related programmes and professionally recognized curators.

The Helen Pitt Gallery is a non-profit artist run center dedicated to the promotion of experimental contemporary art that addresses social, political, cultural, and critical issues outside of the mainstream commercial art practice. Emerging artists, critics and curators continue to find opportunities and support at the Helen Pitt Gallery. The gallery is committed to showcasing challenging works from local, national and international artists in all media. The gallery provides administrative support to artists and curators in the design and implementation of exhibitions.