Lee Wen

for some, its the same old shit
n others its damn good shit
yet there go i don’t give a shit
but there are those who wished they could shit
hey bro good or bad…..life needs shit to grow
denial won’t help it

Like · · November 22 at 12:38pm ·
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Cassandra Lehman Schultz True shit, that
November 22 at 2:03pm · Like

Middle Bird At Substation i love your shit!
November 22 at 3:17pm · Like · 1

Timothy E Garlock Holy Shit!!
November 22 at 7:30pm · Like

Chris Ho Absolutely. But we humans work in the most contorted ways sometimes. Thats when no-denial comes out funny too. Sigh
November 22 at 10:13pm · Like

James R Holdsworth Eat more veggies
November 22 at 10:45pm · Like