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Sharona Franklin: The Hermaphroditic Freedom of the Snail

December 13, 2017

Biopharma, Pythagorean Occultism, and Patriarchy

Wednesday, December 13, 7:30 pm

“the snail represents male and female energy, the Pythagorean spiral of life, and taking it all at your own pace.”
Sharona Franklin (Rental Bod, 2016)

Sharona Franklin’s talk will be a homage to Pythagoras, bridging female emancipation, historical mythos of the snail and biopharmalogical constellations. This talk accompanies Matthew Shields’s exhibition Papa Was A Garbage Man, on view at UNIT/PITT until January 13.

cell(f) sufficient
egg shell breakfast.

the hermaphroditic snail, subject to intermutuality
scripturing translated dyadic harmonies
who eats its shell when born to grow anew – emancipated trailer,
tail-in, trail-ess.

Sharona Franklin is a Vancouver based artist and writer. Her recent exhibitions, performances, and lectures include FLUCTUAT Perpignan FR (2017), FLARE [Feminist Land Art Retreat] Big Rock Campbell River CA (2017), Agnimag Campbell River Art Gallery CA (2017), Messmates Berlin DE (2016), Chimeric Dualities in Metempsychosis Betke Atelier Berlin DE (2016), This Bod is Rental Sweetpup Vancouver CA (2016), Un-Space Un-mind Rebalance Myths around Impermanence and Transgenics Sweetpup Vancouver CA (2016). In 2016 Franklin published a book of visual prose Rental Bod Vancouver CA (2016).

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