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DEC 17 ISSUE Launch VOL. 4 NO 2 // Gambling Splinter Closing

December 17, 2015

things-of-the-undergroundThursday Dec 17th at 7pm we are celebrating a trifecta of endings.

ISSUE Magazine has finished up its latest chrysallis and is ready to re-emerge as a fresh new winter butterfly. Come see the results of what seems like 85 months of toiling little hammers: with a new layout, exhibiton reviews, a conversation with Tiziana La Melia, thoughts about production and authorship, and more narrative fictions (or truths) bled from the overwrought minds of LOCAL CULTURAL WORKERS YOU PROBABLY KNOW!

Added bonus: Also see the last days of Rachel & Sarah Seburns’s Gambling Splinter, before it is (possibly) taken underground!

As well, we will be celebrating the closing of UNIT/PITT for the holidays, we need a break!

Magazines! Poker! Bunkers! Holidays! Exclamation points!

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