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Rebecca Brewer, Chrystal Fisher and Allie Tweedie: Reoccurrence – serial motifs

November 19 to December 18, 2010

Curated by Emmy Lee and Stephanie Rebick

Presented at 221A Artist Run Centre

This exhibition brings together three Vancouver-based emerging artists who use pattern in their work as an optical device to interrupt their representational landscapes. Rebecca Brewer, Chrystal Fisher and Allie Tweedie use abstracted repetitive forms to organize the pictorial space, define depth and foreground-background relations and create movement in their works. Their use of pattern encourages the viewer to form optical associations to organize and understand the visual field. Their work also references the history of modernist painting, specifically abstraction, but subverts the dominant ideals of this movement by recalling decorative arts and craft. These artists draw on the history of abstract painting but by using pattern to create visual excess; they negate the reductive, formalist core of the movement’s intent.

Accompanied by a publication, Reoccurrence: serial motifs.

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