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GRAY Magazine launch event

January 19, 2013

gray magazine launch

Join UNIT/PITT Projects Saturday, January 19 (2013) for GRAY Publication’s first issue launch party and fundraiser.

Issue one focuses on “emergence”: presenting visual and text-based works from Soledad Muñoz, Jules Francisco, professor Caroline Bellios of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Alexander McQueen Savile Row.

From 7 – 11PM on January 19 GRAY will be celebrating with sculptures and performance by Soledad Muñoz as well as jewellery and embroideries by Cecilia Gibson.

$2 – 4 donations at the door.


Refreshments will be served.

GRAY investigates the politics of excess and simplicity inside fashion. GRAY hopes to relieve the skepticism around pre-established notions of fashion by looking at dress as an agent for creative responsibility. GRAY will be produced on a quarterly cycle from its founding city: Vancouver, BC. In early 2013 – GRAY will be distributed through Vancouver to cities such as Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, New York, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Budapest and Moscow.

GRAY ©2013
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Reviewed in Vancouver Is Awesome, January 24 2013.

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