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The Lumpen-Headache

November 16, 2013

The Lumpen Headache

The Lumpen Headache

Saturday, November 16, at 2pm

Arnaud Desjardin will lead a group reading of The Lumpen-Headache, a partial transcript of a meeting of the editorial collective of The Fox. The article, originally published in the third and final issue of the magazine in 1976, delineates issues and conflicts which remain live today.

The readers were: Arnaud Desjardin, Keith Higgins, Kathy Slade, Cate Rimmer, Jamie Ward, Kevin Rowe, Zebulon Zang, Steffanie Ling, Kate Noble, Phil Chen, Brady Cranfield, Mitch Speed, Brynn McNab, and Natalie Gitt.

The Lumpen-Headache is part of the project Re: The Fox.

The text is available for download, below. An audio recording is available on UNIT/PITT Radio.

The Lumpen-Headache (PDF)

Lumpen-Headache readers Lumpen-Headache readers Lumpen-Headache readers Lumpen-Headache readers The Lumpen Headache

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