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This category is for the videos that Unit/Pitt Projects has posted since
early 2011.

The Shock of the New

Showing in the front window of 15 East Pender this week is Episode 8 of the 1982 BBC series The Shock of the New, written and narrated by Robert Hughes. The episode, titled “The Future That Was”, discusses the failings … Continue reading

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Before I’m Done screening nightly until May 4

This is the last week of What Future (and getting close to the end for 15 East Pender as well). Since late January, we have been showing the video component of Before I’m Done by the PJS Collective in our … Continue reading

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This week’s video: Gutai

Via ubuweb, some low-resolution, soundless, fascinating documentation of the Gutai performance art movement in Japan. See you in September!
“Gutai art does not alter matter; it gives matter life … In Gutai art, the human spirit and matter, opposed as they … Continue reading

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Patrick Ready, 1947-2012

We’re sad to hear that artist, writer, and inventor Patrick Ready has died. Our sympathy goes to his friends and loved ones.
Here’s some video of Patrick and longtime collaborator Hank Bull in last year’s television project Public Access: 1999 & … Continue reading

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This week’s film: F. W. Murnau’s Faust

Screened on August 15, 2012
This week, our film is based upon a classic German tale; famously adapted in literature by Goethe, but the subject of probably thousands of adaptations and retellings. Murnau, who earlier had created the vampire silent Nosferatu, … Continue reading

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