ISSUE Magazine, #1 (Volume 3)

ISSN 0824-1368
Published April 2014
36 pages with gloss cover, saddle-stitched (copper staples)
Single copy: $5
Individual subscription, one year (quarterly): $20+shipping
Institutional subscription, one year: $40+shipping

ISSUE 1, v3, April 2014

ISSUE April 2014 is the revival of the original ISSUE Magazine, which was published from 1983 to 1985. This new/old magazine of local culture is edited by Brynn McNab and includes contributions by Alexa Mardon, Carla Stewart, Steffanie Ling, Dana Howell, Erik Rzepka, Maggie Boyd, Noe Bagshaw, and others, with layout and design by Natalie Gitt and Rhys Kearns. ISSUE is published by the Unit/Pitt Society for Art and Critical Awareness.

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