Curatorial Residencies

UNIT/PITT does not have a permanent curator, and does not accept direct submissions from artists wishing to present their work in conventional exhibitions and screenings. Instead, we support the development of a limited number of projects each year through our program of curatorial residencies.

We are currently seeking proposals for curatorial projects to be presented in 2016 and beyond. Of particular interest are projects in artists’ publishing, artists’ radio, public actions, collaborations crossing disciplinary lines, lecture and performance series, and uncategorizable projects that do not resemble conventional gallery presentations. We encourage proposals from artists who are seeking to include curatorial projects in their broader practice, but we also welcome proposals from individuals and collectives outside of visual art who wish to work within the context of visual art and its discourses.

These project-based residencies are intended to offer curatorial opportunities to artist-curators and independent curators from a  wide range of backgrounds and approaches. Proposals addressing social, political, cultural and critical issues outside of commercial and/or conventional art industry practices are of particular interest, and attention should be paid to emerging artists and emerging practices.

The goal of this program is not simply to replace one “gatekeeper” with another. We encourage artist-curators to interrogate their own role within the institutional and economic realities of contemporary  art, and to propose new ways of working.

To propose a curatorial residency, please send a letter of intent with a brief description of your project to [email protected]. You may also wish to include a timeline and budget for development of the project.

UNIT/PITT floor plan January 2016

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